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NOTE:   As of July 1st 2017,  I’m not accepting  any custom request for the rest of the year. In the next few months I  will have a great selection of new designs available for purchase  online and on display at my art shows. I get an overwhelming amount of requests, and I love the challenge, but right now I need to take the time to free up my mind and do what just comes naturally. I have wonderful ideas that never come to fruition because I am constantly doing custom work and then rushing to just have something on my shelves, and online, it’s a terrible feeling not having what you are looking for at my shows and online,  so  I’m going to take this time and   get  caught up, once I feel I have  a great selection of stock available at my shows and online  I will begin to accept a limited amount of request again.

PS, My 13 year old daughter Sarah wants me to tell you that her Mommy doesn’t have time to spend with her anymore because I am so worried about everyone else and their orders, ” Oh My”  she’s really happy about this decision. Guess I’ll be taking more walks, bike rides and trips to the beach…. Not such a bad idea huh?


 Thank you for your understanding,

Sherri Pence Rawson



Custom work, creating a beloved pet is my specialty. I love the challenge that comes with creating a pet that I know will touch your heart. I know how important your pet is to you and in order for me to do my best work I really need the best pictures you have available. A great head shot looking right at the camera is crucial to me being able to capture your pets expression, spirit and soul. If there are special marking on body make sure I can see them and  its always nice to know if your dog has a tail… so don’t forget the butt! 🙂

To place an order:

Email me at Please give me an idea of what you want made, a functional piece vs ” Just a sculpture of my pet” and upload great pictures. Please also highlight any important characteristics your pet might have. Since every pet is custom made orders take 4 – 6 weeks. I’ll do my best to get you a quote quickly.

Thank you!

Sherri Pence Rawson

562 981 4155


Pet’s name: Scamper
Design of Animal: Just my pet and kitchen utensil holder (large)
Special Instructions: Scamper has a large, black nose and his tongue always hangs out.

ImagesCollie Pictures


Finished Product: